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Patricia Reeder-  I found this article interesting.  I didn’t realize the actual amount of varying opinions towards todays blogs and blog usage.  In this article it was said that “More and more teachers and schools are starting to experiment with the technology as a way to communicate with students and parents”  I think that blogging would be a great way to connect with parents and students.  You can document the days occurences within the classroom.  Parents could easily see what their children were learning and working on.  That is something I don’t like about my daughter being in kindergarten is I don’t know what she is doing all day. I ask her everyday and all she can remember is the kid that puked at lunch or the boy looked up her friends skirt.  I would love to know their daily routine and class schedule.


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  1. Melinda
    All of my son’s have a classroom blog which is updated fairly regularly. I love it! School calendar, assignments, etc.
    I love being in regular contact with the teachers. There is a definite sense of community with the contact.

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